30, Flirty and Widowed.

My AH struggled with addiction issues long before we met.
When we started dating he decided to get his shit together.
In 2018 he relapsed but went to detox and everything was okayish. He was never the same. But we were moving forward.

Last yr around this time, his grandma passed. He was very close.

to her and…he started drinking a lot, again.
Then covid happened and shelter in place. And his drinking just got worse and worse.
On August 24, my MIL and I and a few other people tried to host an intervention. He wanted no part in it, I took the kids and left. He agreed to go to.a Dr and get lab work done.
A week ago he got the results back and the Dr told him to go to the ER immediately
He was admitted and by Sunday morning was in the ICU. Monday the hospital told me to.come. and I dropped everything and was there. I had an hour with him before anyone else got there…but I could tell he already was ‘gone’
He was on life support due to liver and kidney failure. And I made the decision to take him off life support because he never wanted to be hooked up to machines.
Yesterday found out he had taken out a life insurance plan in April and never told me about it…i think he knew what was coming.

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